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  • Joshua Pennings

    Art and technology

    During a ride through the rain we saw his work displayed and attached a coffee stop to it. Joshua is an artist with skill, an eye for beauty and he is intrigued by 'the mechanics' behind the animals. Read more

  • Benjamin Kuijpers

    BNK Music

    BNK Music. Benjamin Kuijpers only wants to touch people with genuine music. Playing from his toes, but especially from his heart. And as much as possible. Read more

  • in

    Renault looks back with satisfaction at Concours d'Elegance

    Renault looks back with satisfaction at The Concours d'élégance Paleis Het Loo that was held last week in Apeldoorn. During this largest classic event in the Netherlands, 21.500 visitors – a record number – were able to admire approximately seventy special examples from the history of the French car brand. Three of these were awarded a by the jury Read more

  • in

    Be kind to the link

    Clutch: You do 'start' the engine - with a classic - contrary to what many experts (...) want to claim, never with a clutch engaged. In addition to excessive and unnecessary loading of the thrust bearing and thrust group, you 'press' the crankshaft against the axial bearings that have not (yet) lubricated. Check if there is still enough Read more

  • in

    Mazda MX-5M Coupé

    Mazda MX-5M Coupé: Because such a roof was initially made of polyester, the weight of the trolley increased and the performance declined. Shortly thereafter, the roof was made of tin and the weight and performance remained the same as those of the Roadster. Read more

  • Poor1

    Bad ended?

    Just seen on the street: a spotless Ford Escort. A somewhat young classic that has probably remained so beautiful because it is an 25 km / h version Read more

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