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  • Facel

    A Facel is quite an expensive thing

    FACEL (Forges et Ateliers de Construction d'Eure et de Loire), was founded by Jean Daninos, and supplied coachwork to Delahaye, Panhard and Simca. In 1953 it was decided to start building cars. After having produced about 2.700 cars, Facel went bankrupt in 1964. We looked under the hood of a Vega Excellence and Read more

  • piston rings

    A set of piston rings, plus some things

    Piston rings are pretty crafty things. What a lot of people don't even know is that they often have an order and a 'top' and 'bottom'. And, oh yes: they have to ensure that the compression and expansion takes place between the cylinder head and the convex side of the piston. A 'blow by' If the Read more

  • Chrysler Newport

    A Chrysler Newport sedan from 1964

    Classic enthusiasts nowadays pay more for barn finds and unrestored cars than for top restorations. Weird? Oh why not. Restoration work, however beautifully done, takes the shine off the past. We found a never-restored 1964 Chrysler Newport sedan. In Chasing Classic Cars, Wayne Carini readily calls seven digit numbers for a car with Read more

  • Horex Imperator

    The Horex Imperator (1954-1958)

    Horex as it existed from 1928 to 1956 was a company that built motorcycles of absolute top quality. Besides the quality of Horex, that undeniable quality, Horex was still the brand of decisions that were just too late or wrong. And that is and remains a pity. During the twenties and thirties the engines became more and more Read more

  • BMW R51 / 3

    Back to the old nest: a BMW R51 / 3

    In den Beginne The roots of the BMW R51 lie in 1938. And after the war, the thread was picked up again. In the early XNUMXs, the economy was already much better and there was a growing need for simply practical motorcycles. BMW therefore increasingly profiled itself as a manufacturer of Read more

  • Mille Miglia
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    Mille Miglia 2018

    By: Marcel Winkelman De Mille Miglia: Between 1927 and 1957 a 1000 mile road race from Brescia to Rome and back. Since 1977 already the "remake". It was nice that we went this year with the youngtimer with which I visited my first edition in 2003, an appropriately "Siena red" colored BMW 330d from 2000. Read more

  • Alvis

    Roaming around and privacy: The Alvis revisited

    “Dear editors, Very nice: Op de Auto Motor Klassiek site recently featured my ex Alvis TA 14. That was one of the two Alvises that I restored. And one of them I sold to Jan Tinga at the time And through Jan Tinga that Car was in the magazine Auto Motor Klassiek published. Read more

  • Panacea

    More power through…. Panacea part 2

    More power through strange Miracle Cures. We recently showed the fan that could be mounted in the suction line. Garageist Kees van Rumpt from Dirksland had lovingly adopted the thing to put in his display case with pointless things. But there's more to marvel at: the Super Inertial Super-Charger System Read more

  • in

    Privacy legislation and things like that

    No doubt you have also been bombarded with requests about newsletters and notifications about changed privacy legislation? Now you have never really had to worry about privacy at AMK, because we have never given any further data, or collected more data than we needed to provide the services. Services Read more

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