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    Jaguar SS: Purchase and restoration

    An unrestored Jaguar SS is still rarely offered… For 3-5 mille you can already start a challenging project with a lot of welding. An imported example from a dry American state usually starts at about 8-10 grand. Although in these strange times and with drifting government policy, an (American!) seller sometimes panics More

  • Wartburg 1.3 Saloon

    Wartburg 1.3 Sedan (1990). The daily car for Quiryn Spannenburg

    What requirements does Quiryn's Wartburg 1.3 Sedan have to meet? These are: reliability, safety and the car must be extremely strong, comfortable and spacious. According to him, this Wartburg has it all, and as a classic enthusiast and restorer he also thinks it looks very good. By: Dirk de Jong De Wartburg 1.3 More

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    Old men, new engines

    The ex-neighbor of two houses later came to visit his ex-wife. They are still on speaking terms. Kind of. In the context of his new relationship, Ex-Neighbor is completely the young God of a quarter of a century ago, both mentally and physically. At least: In the depths of his thoughts. Thanks to Willem Kloos (1859-1938). This manifests itself in gym attendance, trendy clothes and youthful behavior. More

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    APK exemption for 50-plus classic entails risks

    The FEHAC has announced that the Senate has voted in favor of the exemption from the inspection obligation for classic cars of 50 years and older. It is the outcome of a process that has been going on for a long time. The Senate gave the green light. The effective date of this new rule is not yet known. The More

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    Royal Enfield barn find

    Royal Enfield is currently making a perfect restart. With the new 650 cc twins made in India, the brand pays a beautiful tribute to its own past. They are brand new motorcycles that are so in Auto Motor Klassiek would fit. But we're going to talk about the past. The future comes later. 'Made like a More

  • VW Golf GTI (1983)

    VW Golf GTI (1983). The sacred cow of Eelko

    The Golf was a trendsetter right from its introduction in 1974. An economical compact car for the new age. With the well-thought-out design of the Golf, the Volkswagen responded to the current requirements that were set for the mid-range car at the time. From a very young age, Eelko had a warm interest in Volkswagen and More

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    DKW 3 = 6. Just about

    For the early days of DKW we have to go back to the early 1900s. To the earliest days of the combustion engine. RE (Rasmussen & Ernst) had a factory in Zschopau, Germany, where equipment for steam engines was built. In 1916, co-owner Jörgen Skafte Rasmusen set his sights on making a steam-powered More

  • Jaguar E-Type

    Jaguar E-Type noses

    The Jaguar E-Type is without a doubt a fantastically beautiful automobile. People who disagree with that are one hundred percent brand blind or extra gloomy. But beauty, of course, is only outward appearances. And impermanent. And the old adage is 'he who defiles his nose, desecrates his face'. The nose of a Jaguar E-Type More

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    Volvo 140 series. Swedish strongholds with ingenuity

    In 1960 Volvo management decided it was time to start developing a successor to the Amazon introduced four years earlier. Due to cost considerations, this new model, internally designated P660, had to share the platform and key components with its predecessor. It resulted in the introduction of More

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    Project Imola Ducati, Baines

    Years ago we saw our first Project Imola Ducati in the wild. and machine based on a 1992'er 900 Supersport with 11,5: 1 Arias pistons. On the test bench, the block on the rear wheel delivered 80 hp. But because the Imola weighed about forty kilos less than the donor, it was an extremely fast bike. More

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    1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. What a great find. Part 2

    In March of this year I received a nice offer following an advertisement in Germany. A 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. A car that was originally delivered in the Netherlands in 1957, from first owner, stainless and stored since 1985. Now part 2 of the series. More

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