Alpine V6 Purchase Advice (1985-1991)

Alpine V6 front

Alpine V6. Smooth boy with good heart

There were beautiful sports cars on the coast and in the 6s, but who still has them all in mind? The Alpine VXNUMX, also known as GTA, seems to be a bit forgotten and does not do justice to its qualities. Apart from the unique design and the razor-sharp, sometimes somewhat naughty riding character, it is rationally considered an interesting choice. 

Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen, archive
Technical support: Erwin van Dijk (Sweet Racing)

The Alpine brand has revived in recent years. A situation that can be traced directly to the reincarnation of the A110. For more than two decades, however, the sports car division led from Renault, once set up independently, a dormant existence and with it interest dipped further and further. After the A1991, produced between 1995 and 610, nothing happened at all. And the shine of the once illustrious brand started to fade. Although the real classics, especially the original A110, skyrocketed in value. That pulled the later A310 and the GTA generation a bit. But to a limited extent and the market for the latter series even seems to have declined in recent years. In other words, prices are plunging somewhat, which may make these sports cars less interesting for investors, but irresistible for enthusiasts. The Alpine V6 GT and V6 Turbo are good. 

Costs are not too bad

There is quite a lot to be said about the quality standards of French car manufacturers. But the Alpine V6 knows how to escape the prejudices and is well above average. The polyester body remains remarkably sleek (provided it is undamaged), even after decades. What you see differently with plastic cars. Rust only emerges under the skin, mainly on the inner sills. 

These sports cars share a lot of technology with the home-garden-and-kitchen-Renaults and in those years it was all quite robust. On balance, this results in a fairly short list of weak points. In addition to the fact that the maintenance and repair costs for such an exclusive model are relatively easy. Yes, you have to budget this item more generously than with volume cars, but it really doesn't reach a Porsche level. 

Driving characteristics

With an Alpine V6 you buy a gran turismo in optima forma. Suitable for long distances, thanks to comfortable seats, acceptable noise levels and - thanks to the aerodynamics - fairly favorable fuel consumption. If you take the coupé by its scruff, it turns out that it likes to play around. With the risk of breaking out strongly when pushing its limits. At such moments the turbo lag of the strongest versions can take its revenge, especially in the rain. Tip: follow a driving skills training with such a car. Then he offers plenty of manageable fun. Go for something different, go for something from the illustrious sports car specialist from Dieppe, well thought out and good. 

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  1. Great car! I've had one; 1.000km in one day: no problem, great car. Not too much power for today's standards, but the car drives majestically. And steers razor sharp.

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