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Austin A30 1

Austin A30: Unique in shape and design

Sometimes you have a chance encounter where the owner is excited to show his 'small classic car' to others. He wanted to reveal that he was a great enthusiast of small classic cars such as the Italian bambinos (Fiat/Autobianchi) and English saloons such as this Austin A30. However, we were not told the story behind the car and that is why we thought it would be fun to delve into the (advertising) past of this 'everyman's' car. 
Austin A40 Sedan

Austin A 40 Sedan (1948). Historical asset

This Austin A 40 Sedan has traditionally been a venerable quality brand. Perhaps that is why the classic has still not given up its fight for existence - after 72 years. The car was in the collection of Willem Keizer from Stadskanaal, who collects old vehicles from the Second World War and gives them a new life.

Datsun, not Austin

Wherever you read, whatever you read about the very first Datsun, it is made clear to you every time that it was a Japanese-built Austin Seven for the Japanese market. Unfortunately, that's nonsense. The DAT Corporation in Yokohama…