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  • Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Citroën GS Birotor. Unstable prodigy

    Rarely has a car flopped into oblivion so progressively. Perhaps one of the most special Citroëns since ages, yet almost no one knows about its existence anymore. Just like Dries Roelvink, except for that special one. And the Citroën GS Birotor was never available in swimming trunks yellow, Dieu merci. Brown metallic or beige, more choices were More

  • Citroën GS (1972)

    Citroën GS (1972) by Sipke van der Kooi. Streamlined nostalgia.

    Sipke van der Kooi's heart beats faster when he sees transport from the past passing by during his daily work. He is an entrepreneur who sells seafood in various places in Northeast Friesland with his fish cart. Sometimes special conversations arise with other enthusiasts. And that's how he came to the Citroën GS from this article. More

  • Citroen GS 1220 Club 1973 1

    Citroën GS 1220 Club (1973). Unconditional loyalty of two enthusiasts. 

    And you don't only see that loyalty with the beautiful and special Citroën GS, but also at the wedding of their French family friend, a sheep herder of the French breed Briard named: Roos. They are all three passionate Citroëndrivers and before it was purchased 23 years (!) ago, the family already had a bright yellow 1979 GSX. That was their first car and they have been driving it for years. 'Une vehicle excellence'.  More

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    2020. Gloomy year with personal classic highlights

    Just a few more days and 2020 will be ready. It was a year in which the world was gripped by COVID-19, in all its seriousness, in all its facets. A year too, in which working and living took on a whole new dimension. That also applied to myself. Fortunately, I was spared the necessary suffering More

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    Citroën GS Pallas. A beautiful day full of childhood memories

    Nice and nervous. That's me today in a day that has never been the same since 2001. Today photographer Bart and I are going to report with the brothers André and Chris and them Citroën Making GS Pallas. Within cycling distance, a short kilometer from my house, is the Citroën finished. I have for several reasons More

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    Alfetta and Tozzi. The car and the artist come together

    Associating cars with music. I've always done that myself, and mostly unconsciously. This sometimes led to remarkable combinations that were given new impetus thanks to the program The Best of 50 Years of TopPop. More later, and as said: in the magazine. Now I was thinking, among other things, of an adventure with the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, More

  • Citroën DS

    Citroën DS sympathy of Sijtze IJkema

    Sijtze has sympathy for all classic vehicles, if only one Citroën is. He still thinks that Citroën the styling of the cars is determined by its creative designers. Genius inventors and daredevils through the ages. Especially the Citroën DS plays a major role in his life. By: Dirk de Jong Sijtze is a More

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    The new cars from 1970. Part one

    The 1970s have begun. The car manufacturers want to capitalize on the developments of the sixties. In 1970 it is immediately hit. Development periods of years result in several high-profile newcomers. Moreover, many manufacturers vary greatly on existing concepts. Today part one of the fascinating car year XNUMX, in which we introduce a number of illustrious cars More