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  • Morris Minor 1000 from 1961 by Rein. English solidity.

    Morris Minor 1000 from 1961 by Rein. English solidity.

    Why especially a Morris Minor as a classic? Other classic English cars also have good features and maybe just as much comfort and space. No, for Rein the Morris Minor gives just that little bit extra: A special style, reliable even after 60 years. Can be used in current (busy) traffic and problem-free for long distances. More

  • Morris Ital

    Morris Ital. Maligned and forgotten.

    It was overcast that day with a lot of showers, uncle Arie won a roulade at the bingo in the evening and Henk Wijngaard's Container song rose to number 17 in the top 40. Probably more people can remember that better than the introduction of the Morris Ital on the same Tuesday, 1 July 1980. But we have not forgotten him. More

  • Morris Ten

    Morris Ten (1948). Eye-catcher for 'The Veteran' 

    De Veteraan has a small-scale but special museum in the Frisian Metslawier. It is important for the owner that there is a lot of variation in his collection, whether it concerns classic motorcycles, mopeds or cars. The oldtimer in the yard of De Veteraan is a real eye-catcher. It attracts the attention of the tourist cycling past who likes to pay a spontaneous visit.  More

  • Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966)

    Morris Minor 1000 Estate (1966). Ciska's car.

    Jan and Ciska have two passions. First of all, their work as operators of a very nice sailing clipper (LENA-ADRIANA), providing many tourists with pleasant hours. In addition, they have always had a passion for classic cars. Over the years, Jan has been able to give more cast-offs a second life. And is still looking for new opportunities. More

  • Mini Moke

    The Mini Moke was not a Jeep

    The Mini Moke (1964-1993) is based on the legendary Mini of the British Motor Company (BMC), designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. “Moke” stands for 'donkey' in a local dialect. And donkeys are not usually luxury horses, but burden bearers. This creation has been marketed under various names of the various divisions, such as: More

  • Morris Minor

    The Morris Minor. “Moggy” turns seventy years old

    Before the Second World War, the British Morris already had a model called the Minor. However, that model will not be the first thing that comes to the minds of fans when the name Morris Minor is mentioned. Then especially the association with the model, which was introduced in September 1948, will be made. “Moggy” celebrates More

  • Innocenti Mini

    Innocenti Mini 850 Automatic

    We have a reader who is fortunate enough to own a 850 Innocenti Mini 1969 with automatic transmission. However, the owner is less and less happy because the little thing clearly shifts to the next gear, is absolutely lifeless and consumes a lot of fuel. He has seen a chance to agree with a More

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    Insect names for cars: Sting is in the tail

    Insect names for cars: The devil is in the tail. Getting stung by an insect is always a – nasty – experience. Could that be why various car manufacturers named their cars after such an insect? Or is it more about the venom of such an insect. Usually – unnoticed – More

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    Morris Minor 'Convertible'

    Morris Minor 'Convertible', It's Just a Tip In Broadstairs, you know, just north of Ramsgate in Kent, England, we saw the Morris Minor 'Convertible' pictured here. If this version was not striking enough, then certainly the tires painted 'white' with the brush. A wonderful vehicle that More

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    Recycling: Morris Cowley

    Recycling: Morris Cowley – That's how it used to be… In times of scarcity, people become inventive and start recycling. So nothing new under the sun? The vehicle shown here began life as a Morris Cowley in 1926 and was converted into a 'tractor' during World War II. That tinkering was thought through and skillfully More

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    Morris Minor Pickup

    Exceptional Morris Minor Pickup A special piece of craftsmanship: this New Zealand-built Morris Minor Pickup from the fifties. And actually much nicer than the Morris original…. The photo shows a 1954 Morris Minor that arrived in New Zealand as a chassis/cab. Because of the government, in the years More

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    Things worth knowing

    If we are talking about the Michelotti signed Triumph Stag, it is nice to know that body builder Tickford - part of Nobel keys manufacturer Aston Martin - converted one Stag into something special and very beautiful in 1982. Styling features of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and equipped with a pump up to 200 hp Triumph More

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