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  • Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960)

    Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960). Back to 'La dolce vita' 

    The owner of this Italian beauty did not buy the scooter with his wallet, but with his heart. He also had no plans to invest time in it, but to immediately award Quiryn restorations in the Westereen. If you first look at the condition in which it was purchased, you will probably be overcome by a feeling of despondency. You wonder whether the buyer has been sufficiently critical with the purchase and this wreck.  More

  • Bitri

    Bitri: a Dutch scooter

    We don't use scooters often Auto Motor Klassiek† There's nothing else behind that. Some things you just don't get around to. For example, we were not aware that we had our own scooter factory in the Netherlands. Until Jan Eggink pointed this out to us, because he is a watch lover. Made in Holland, well: Friesland De More

  • Honda Spacy

    Honda Spacy. A little bit weird

    We still have pleasant contacts with quite a few people we have met over time for stories in AMK. And sometimes that's how you get the best feedback. For example about the Honda Spacy 125 moped. A 100% dated piece of Honda with such a huge 'eighties' look that the mouth More

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    Lambretta shock absorbers

    Hagon Shocks have been a household name in the classic motorcycle world for years. No other brand has such a wide range in stereo and monoshock rear suspension, front fork springs and related products, while More

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    Iso Milano scooter

    Your chance to get an unrestored Iso Milano scooter from 1963 for £ 850,00 (less than a thousand euros) if you call - very quickly - with 0044-7043-243.884. The owner has parked this classic two-wheeler since 1967 in his shed. More