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  • Tatras 1947

    Tatras. A murder wagon

    During WWII the Germans confiscated everything in the process. In addition, 'our bicycles' only came into play at a late stage. But in Czechoslovakia, the Germans found the Tatras with their air-cooled V8 blocks in the stern. More

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    IVA men M / F can be found everywhere

    We know someone who has completed the IVA training. At one point he had a whole bunch of garages. Then he went into serious real estate. He was even close to the Quote 500. His neo-liberal approach to real estate resulted in him getting stuck. That man More

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    Air cooled engines. And the storm Dennis

    Well. With the wind on the head of a 2CV, it is true that you now have to plan some extra travel time. Such a 2CV has its limitations. But Volkswagen made Beetles, Porsche 911s, Tatra air-cooled V8s and the Chevrolet Corvairs had air-cooled six-cylinder boxers. And now hardly anyone makes them anymore More

  • Tatra JK2500

    Tatra JK2500, the communist Ferrari

    Communism and beautiful things? There was a tension between them. This is evident from the Tatra JK2500, the fantastic creation of Július Kubinský. A dream that almost came true. The Tatra JK2500 Sports cars or real GTs in the sense of Gran Rusismo? Of course there were burps, but they all ended to a greater or lesser extent More

  • Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

    Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

    Become a Tatras specialist? Apparently that happens to you. Simon, Niek and Maarten from Mc Motors & Cars from Arnhem are two genetic engineers. Tatras are difficult cars In Arnhem, in addition to the regular cases, there are also technical problem and hopeless cases. To the gearbox of the Tatra that is now in Arnhem More

  • Tatra, Jawa

    Lubo's dream: A collection of Jawas

    Lubo's dream: A collection of Jawas. And that is not so simple. After all, wages in Slovakia are considerably lower than here. While the providers have looked on the Internet how much is being asked for their stuff here… We are talking about Slovakia. Half of what was once Czechoslovakia. We are ourselves More

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    Tatra in Belgium

    In Vielsalm, Belgium, when we passed an abandoned garage in the driveway to the workshop, we saw the Tatra depicted here, preceded by a Triumph Vitesse Six stand More

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    Tatra 603 promotion

    Found the pinnacle of marketing Auto Motor Klassiek reader Hans Oudhuis on YouTube. In the fifties and sixties people thought about marketing techniques and promotion. See here part 1 and 2 of the Tatra 603 More