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    The Internet is a shadowy world

    Not so long ago someone from abroad saw the BMW of his dreams on the site of someone else from abroad. The text accompanying the photos made it clear that it was about his absolute dream bike in pristine dream condition. The price was very hefty. But perfection costs money. Read more

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    Where do classics come from?

    If there are bright kids asking, "Where do children come from?", It is clear "They are brought by the stork." But where do classics come from? That will be more difficult. Classics often come from private individuals and dealers. Read more

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    A classically shaped void

    Theft is still the revenue model with the widest sales margins. And in the current classic world there is more demand for good, beautiful, more expensive classics than the supply is large. This also applies to dogs. Read more

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    Theft and auctions

    Theft and auctions We hereby draw the attention of our readers to the classic thefts in the Limburg border area. The cars in that region disappear instantly across the border and may reappear in countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, where the classic market is booming. The thefts are not impulse actions, but tightly orchestrated actions that Read more

  • Theft of classics

    Theft of classics

    Theft of classics “If such a classic is stolen, it will be across the border an hour later on its way to the former Eastern bloc”. And then? Then there is really only one ending to the story: The classic is demolished 'there' (or just sometimes also 'here'). 'Cause myself one of other songs and another Read more

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    The disadvantage of popularity

    The fact that classics are popular has not only been noticed by the trade and enthusiasts. The supply on the NL market is usually from a good to top level. And cars that are offered for sale are viewed enthusiastically. It happens with some regularity that the viewers in the afternoon see the business Read more


    The CJIB is going loose

    Or not? If you have received the e-mail below, it is useful to think about it: Subject: Last reminder regarding Reference: 45S2XSPL1 Dear driver, We would like to inform you that you still have an amount outstanding with us due to violation of a traffic regulation, although the payment term is already Read more

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    Money is a means, not a goal

    Statistically, you can also be someone who is stuck with the after-pain of 'the product' profiteering policies. The compensation schemes that are offered are not all equally straightforward Read more

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    Read your policy!

    It's vacation time. And quite a few classics have to stay at home to wait until we get back. And sometimes it takes too long… RECOVERY: Your classic will be gone when you return. And the insurance may not pay. Read more

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    Mission accomplished!

    The aim of the Regents under Rutte to destroy the economy and make all Dutch people poor is gaining more and more perspective. From a personal memory, I remember the words of my Blessed Grandmother who warned, "Never trust a man whose earlobes are wider than his shoulders are wide." Psychologists will Read more

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