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    Ford Sierra XR4i – drive with a smile

    The Ford Sierra XR4i is built from 1983 to 1985. The sporty top version of the Sierra caused a stir and, more than 31 years after the production of the last XR4i, again brings a smile to the face. At least on ours. We will be driving a very special XR2016i in 4, available […] More

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    Ford Granada 2.0 V6 L. Driving a sublime classic

    In August 1977, Ford presented the new asset for the business market. More specifically: the public was introduced to the Ford Granada, which had been given a new suit under the direction of Uwe Bahnsen. Under the skin, the changes compared to the first Granada generation were significantly less drastic. The chassis remained almost the same, […] More

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    Alfa Romeo GTV. The prettiest Alfa...

    When they were new, they were already so beautiful. And how times can change, we read in 1984 in Keesings Autopraktijkboek: The choice between a four or six cylinder will be a matter of budget. But so much is the two-liter not inferior to its somewhat heavier brother, the six-cylinder. More

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    Ford 17M / Ford 20M P7a. Not loved. Still successful.

    Ford's larger “M” class makes its debut in updated trim. In a technical sense, the P7a shares the necessary characteristics with its successful predecessor “Taunus P5”. However, it gets a completely new monocoque body. And that housing ensures that the first P7 generation never generates the popularity it deserves More

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    Peugeot 604

    Peugeot 604, an impressive miss The Peugeot 604 was presented to the public in 1975 at the Geneva Motor Show. Peugeot presented the car, roaring with genuine pride, as the "new, leading and elegant French top model" and buzzed in marketing poetry about "A successful mix of classicism and refinement". The Peugeot 604 had to […] More

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    Heart transplants: Factory original or original?

    Heart Transplants: Factory Original or Original? No wars have been fought over it yet. But many enthusiasts still spontaneously get flakes between their fingers when a completely different engine block is spooned into a classic. Incidentally, that is an action with which USA six-pits have been upgraded to V8 machines for many years. […] More

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    Lancia and its V6 engines

    In those good old days there were already V8 and V4 engines, but in 1950 Lancia was the first to install a V6 engine in a mass-produced automobile. The Lancia Aurelia. The More