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  • Moskvitch 401

    Moskvitch 401. A Soviet Kadett

    It is not nearly as cold here as in Siberia. But this classic Russian feels fine here now. The Moskvitch 401 in the pictures was built by the AZLK (Avtomobilny Zavod imeni Leninskogo Komsomola) and that in turn meant “Leninist Communist Youth League Automobile Factory”. And if that doesn't massage your patriotism, then you're an irrational cynic. Read more

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    WWII. On to the 76th birthday

    We have almost had the Jubilee of the Liberation and 75 years of no war. And in that year we heard a lot of stories and saw classics with a war past. But what is the chance that the wife of 'Reich Commissioner' Seys Inquart drove around in a Beetle from 1940 sometime between 1945-1948? Read more

  • Army vehicles Beetle

    Army vehicles and WWII

    With Auto Motor Klassiek we don't pay much attention to military vehicles. Army vehicles are pre-eminently simple, technically not very interesting utensils. And what many people usually understand by 'beautiful', they usually are not. The 'staff cars', the cars for the transport of officers, were usually large pre-war civilian models that had been stripped Read more

  • army motorcycles
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    Army motorcycles. 75 years after WWII

    The second world war is 75 years over. But is still 'alive'. There has never been so much re-enactment done as now. And whether that is a tribute or just playing soldier? Pretending is taken pretty far. Because a lot of army motorcycles that pass for German sidecar combinations? Those are Read more

  • Opel Super Six

    Opel Super Six

    A luxury automobile with a truck engine? The Opel Super Six was made between 1937-1938 and it had the good-natured 2,5 liter six-cylinder block that also did its job in the Opel Blitz. When you are on the road with an Opel Super six or one of its renowned contemporaries, you travel in Read more

  • Classics
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    Classics: a generational deal

    Broadly speaking, our classics are the dreams of our childhood, distant relatives of our first cars or 'our fathers' cars'. And because 'we' are generally about the same age, our classics are the cars and motorcycles from the early XNUMXs to early XNUMXs. Those are our Read more

  • sabotage

    Citroën and tampering

    This year, 75 years after the German surrender, much attention is paid to WWII. And in that time many stories and anecdotes come into the picture. The cunning sabotage of Citroën is a good example of this. Sabotage: the origin The word sabotage was born during the great Liège strikes of 1886 Read more


    Verkeerd afgelopen?

    Opinions differ on that. Nico Aaldering of the Brummense Gallery usually goes for impeccable top quality and the higher price segment. But the Harley that is now in his showroom is far from spotless and for the time being certainly not for sale. The machine is not a barn find, but a wall find. The owner bricked the Harley Read more

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