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  • Volvo Laplander (1969)

    Volvo Laplander (1969). Tough freebooter. 

    “The hunt for a green Laplander” was successfully completed last year when Peter found this special Volvo Laplander Valp L 3314. The search for an idiosyncratic type, a powerful off-road vehicle, came to a crew car built for the Swedish army that is more than 50 years old.  More

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    BSA Sunbeam and Triumph Tigress. A grumpy kitten

    Scooters were conceived as gender-neutral means of mass transport. Many Italian advertisements therefore featured beautiful young ladies. But there were also members of the standing-urinating kind who were scooterists. Rob Bakker and his fiancé, for example, went to Spain on a scooter. More

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    Toyota Starlet P8. Our lifesaver again

    It's September 24, 2020. The ringtone from my trusty old Samsung makes me lose concentration. Robin from the garage calls me way too early. Because: the earlier, the more trammelant. The reason for his call is in my Delta. Robin hasn't said anything yet, but I know enough already. Not More

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    Pembleton. Also nice!

    Now that even the new Morgan Plus Four is a classic from birth despite its aluminum chassis and 2.0 liter twin turbo engine, there is much more leeway for us as classic enthusiasts. And of course most of the metal inspiration comes from the now not so bad United Kingdom. So open canvas for the Pembletons. More

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    Chain maintenance 1.0

    Chains. Indispensable wear parts that require maintenance. In the past, when not everything was better, but it was nice and clear, cleaning and lubrication - chain maintenance - of the secondary chain was quite a ritual. More

  • Volvo P 1800 (1964)

    Volvo P 1800 (1964). Pieter Postma's car

    Beautiful women, ugly crooks, fast cars and dangerous adventures. The elderly, feeling young, still know Simon Templar (aka The Saint) (Roger Moore) as a charming adventurer and charmer, who drove a Volvo 1800S. This popular TV series certainly contributed to the success of that model. This Swedish sports car, a Volvo P 1800, also received star status.  More

  • Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo

    Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (1985). Jakob Hazenberg's taste maker 

    When we start talking about the spoon, you will understand that the strong memories of Jacob go back to his father. Then images emerge of the various Escorts that his father drove. And they still generate positive emotions. His dream was to one day own such a Ford, but of course in a fast version. That became reality in 2010 when he was able to buy this Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (the white tornado).  More

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    The Ami is back

    'Ami' means 'friend'. And what is good remains. Or come back. Or marketers have seen bread in it. So the famous Ami van Citroën is also back with a vengeance. More

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