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  • BMW R68

    BMW R68. Lack of quality also has its price

    With the production of the BMW R68 in 1952, the motorcycle manufacturer met the international demand to build a very sporty machine again. The 67cc overhead valve engine based on the R2/600 had modified cylinder heads and delivered 35 hp. That resulted in a top speed of more than 160 kilometers per hour, which made the R68 Read more

  • Volvo Duett (1966) - Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek -

    Volvo Duett (1966) by Harry. A leisure classic

    Harry owns three classic driving machines from Sweden. His workhorse is a classic Volvo Pickup that is used daily within his company for maintenance of Swedish boats and especially painting and boat repairs. As an independent entrepreneur, and especially Volvo enthusiast, he is also involved in the purchase and sale of Swedish boats under the company name Svenskip Fryslân. This time, however, it is about his Swedish beauty, a Volvo Duett. Read more

  • Harley DOLF

    Wide driving – column

    During my military service, I received driving lessons from a drunken, adulterous professional corporal. The first phenomenon appeared from the grab stock of spirits that he also massaged during the driving lessons. The second I had to take his word for it. He talked about it constantly. A broad and proud arm gesture to a couple of ladies on a terrace that was passed: “I've had them all!” Misshifting was punished by a blow with a wooden bar on the helmet. That echoed the lesson. Passing the incline test was inspired by the fact that the driver in training had to put his watch behind a rear wheel. After such an exercise, someone must have come up with the idea that extra-flat watches should be an excellent business model. Read more

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    Lada Niva. The Immortal Russian

    It belongs to a special category of cars, which basically were built in almost unchanged form for several decades. Rather, Togliatti is still building it. The cuddly terrain Russian has become a legend, and much loved as a classic. We are talking about the immortal Lada Niva. It will not be a technical story. It is Read more

  • Hercules (DKW) Wankel - Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek -

    Hercules (DKW) Wankel

    In the seventies of the last century, the Wankel engine seemed to break through in motorcycle land. There were over 30 licensees at one point. NSU was the first licensee of the 'Drehkolbenmotor' and made the simpler 'Kreiskolbenmotor' from it. And it became world famous as a 'Wankel engine'. Fichtel & Sachs became the second licensee and made better and better 'Wankel engine blocks' and blocks. Read more

  • You get everywhere with the little Fiat

    Fiat 500, the new and affordable Fiat

    In the mid-fifties Fiat commissioned a model under the Fiat 600 to design. It led to a car that is today an incredibly popular classic: the Fiat 500. In the beginning, the design of the new and affordable Fiat did not catch on. In the end, Fiat turned out to outdo itself – after some important modifications. The 500 was still embraced by a large audience.
    Read more

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    Half a century young. The New Cars of 1972. Part Three

    A number of cars are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year. That's a decent number, because 1972 brought a lot of new car models. Traditionally, we put a number of newcomers from the past in the spotlight. Today we present part three. In it we briefly describe the Peugeot 104, the Fiat 124 Special T 1600 and the first BMW Read more

  • Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    Fiat 600 Savio Junggla

    On the basis of the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600, many playful minds have already given their thoughts free rein. Because Italians are Italians, the first approach was to make these (very) compact rear-wheel drive units with the rear engine… as quickly as possible. Then we immediately think of the legendary Abarths and all the brave toddlers who at least had the looks of an Abarth. But the Fiat 500-600 also inspired people with a more businesslike outlook on life. Like the makers at Savio, who thought that such a Fiat would be an excellent basis for a government car. The Fiat 600 Savio Jungla. Read more

  • Simca Aronde P60 Etoile 1962 3

    Simca Aronde P60 Etoile (1962) by Femme and Sander. Enjoy being behind the wheel.

    Pure emotion. That is the feeling that connects classic enthusiasts, both among themselves and with their old-timers. Whether that be classic cars, classic motorcycles, trucks, mopeds or whatever. Show the average classic car enthusiast the photos of this beautiful 60 Simca Aronde P1962 Etoile and see how he or she reacts. That is also the feeling that Sander and Femme connect with their car.  Read more

  • Citroën Type H 1961

    Citroën Type H. Nothing was impossible.

    De Citroën Type H was the legendary delivery van of Citroën and made use of many existing and already proven Citroëncomponents. The Type H was presented in 1947 as the successor to the front-wheel drive – and developed with the Traction Avant among other things – TUB. Read more

  • Fiat 125

    Fiat 125. The Italian volume sports sedan.

    In the second half of the sixties, the sedan range from Fiat undergoes a thorough renovation. In the middle segment the Italians launch the Fiat 1966 in 124, a year later the higher positioned and larger Fiat 125 follows. And it combines modernity with conventional technology. Nevertheless, it is increasingly regarded as revolutionary during its lifetime. Read more

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