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Honda CB350F

The originality blues. A sequel

The last word has not yet been written about the originality of classics. There are people who go for 'factory original'. There are people who appreciate 'time originality'. That is a somewhat emerging trend because the prices of quite a few factory-original classics have become quite stiff.
There classics purchasing (copy)

Classics: affordable and sustainable

Now we can all continue to grumble that the classic world has been held hostage by wealthy, opportunistic neoliberals. But yes: if, for example, you suddenly scored 9.000.000 on a deal with some masks, then you have to do something. Because putting it on the couch doesn't help. Then with some bad luck you even get into it. So that's why classics are priceless and kept in acclimated safes. According to the stories…

Modern times, old man talk

Whether our hobby will have new growth in 25 years? No idea. But I fear the worst. I've had the 2021 press kits and read the first complete tests. Motorcycling today is apparently 80% about electronics, assistance systems, connectivity and communication. And about the fact that under 100 hp you are somewhat poorly motorized. Because you read mildly surprised: 'Despite the fact that this engine has only 105 hp, you never have the feeling that your power is lacking'.

New, used, old, classic

Classic love can usually be traced back to your childhood, childhood dreams and nostalgia. The motorcycle of a family member, a neighbor or the motorcycle from a story from what was then the only Dutch motorcycle magazine: Het Weekblad Motor. That magazine was printed in black and white on newsprint. The 57th volume, issue 50 of December 11, 1970, cost 65 cents. And on the cover was a close up of the engine block of a Kawasaki 500 cc three-cylinder. Behind it was such a highly valued reader test under the heading '538.908 km with the 500 cc Kawasaki Mach III.

UAZ 452. Not retro, but real

New Beetles. Minis and Fiat 500s? I see retro as a designer's weakness or cunning marketing. Retro isn't real. Of course there are exceptions that I like. On two wheels there are the Kawasaki W650-800 king axles and the recent 650…

Japanese classics

Japanese classics: A show!

Japanese classics have now become 'main stream'. That is because there are now a lot of people who have their reference/nostalgia frame around 1960-1970. And especially when it goes towards the mid-seventies - again 40+ years ago -...

60 Year MGA

60 Year MGA

And it was sometime in 1981 or '82 that there were a whole bunch of orphaned MGAs at a car company somewhere in Zeeland. They were neglected and forgotten. They were only kept because there was enough room…. Throwing away an MGA…