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    Third edition CLASSICSNL: growth while maintaining identity

    From 27 to 29 October 2017, CLASSICSNL experienced its third edition. 18.000 m2 of exhibition space was filled with a variety of high-quality classics and young timers, various industry-related service companies and accessories. Once again, we can speak of a successful fair and CLASSICSNL achieved modest growth. 'I think we succeeded More

  • Youngtimers in 2018

    The new young timers in 2018

    Lovers of youngtimers can look forward to the year 2018. There will be a number of interesting models that will become Youngtimers in 2018. There is a wide choice of models for both small and large wallets that you can enjoy for years to come. Think of the Cadillac CTS for about More

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    Third edition of CLASSICSNL starts promising

    On Friday, October 27, 13.00:2015, the time had come. The gates of the WTC Expo opened definitively to welcome visitors to the third edition of CLASSICSNL, which made a name for itself in 2016 and 2017. It created expectations for the XNUMX version in Leeuwarden. A first tour showed that the high-strung prospect More

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    In the past ... Memories of Kreidler and Zündapp

    In Auto Motor Klassiek number 11 of 2017 had a nice Kreidler story. That story brought back memories. And then let it be up to a Zündapp… But still… In the past Oh well. The past is over. But in 1972 party nights lasted very long and the revelry was heightened by lots of beer and tapered cigarettes More

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    Refurbished. ZGAN or weakness bid?

    Refurbished Refurbished is a relatively new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone trade. Despite the fact that it appears more and more, it is not always clear what exactly refurbishment entails. By 'refurbished' we mean products that have been 'used' before and that are like new again thanks to a refurbishment by experts. More

  • Environmental zone

    “Arnhem also believes in an environmental zone fairytale”

    Arnhem already had an environmental zone for trucks, but today it became known that the municipal council of the Gelderland capital is also banning older diesels. From 2019, diesel passenger cars with a first admission date before 1 January 2004 are no longer allowed to drive into the center of Arnhem. The measure would limit 800 cars More

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    An order duck from France

    A borrowed from France A borrowed from France. An endearing classic. How beautiful can a find be? But happily, people sometimes forget that the Loire in France is more than a river. It's a climate divide. South of the Loire is the France of our dreams. North of the More

  • German cars
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    Das war einmal: German Cars

    German cars were the benchmark for many years, but in all areas they matter in a different way than they used to. It has not only to do with the meanwhile sjoemel practices. The noise about the declining technical quality of various German brands is also increasing. And now there is too More

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    The Toyota Land Cruiser in AMK number 11

    The Toyota Land Cruiser. According to Toyota fans, that would be the best Jeep-like Land Rover has never made. Before these kinds of vehicles became obese and luxurious, they were tools, implements. They had to be able to function under the most minimalistic conditions. And in the meantime, a Toyota Land Cruiser is (almost) even More

  • Epic Auctions

    Epic Auctions organizes unique auction in November

    Those looking for a special classic would do well to keep the dates 17 and 18 November free in the agenda. Auction house Epic Auctions is organizing a high-profile auction, in which more than 300 beautiful historic vehicles are going up for sale. The auction house has been given the desirable assignment to More

  • V7

    The V7, the Moto Guzzi block that FIAT did not want

    The story of the self-developed by Carcano and the management-served V twin that was dusted to develop a new police motorcycle is well known. But when the Italians noticed that the American public was increasingly interested in heavy European motorcycles, they also decided to build a civilian version, More

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