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    Norton Wankel, the air-cooled

    Modern people have been thinking about a software system with that name for a generation+. But before that, way before that, Norton was a renowned motorcycle brand, 'the unaproachable' on tracks. The unapproachable. Later it became a somewhat convulsive brand that made rather unreliable 500 cc command blocks based on the ancient 850 cc principles. Part of the unreliability was also due to an old and tired machine park and staff who saw periods of work as annoying interruptions to the strike. More

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    The motorcycle world is ...

    ... not what it used to be. Of course, motorcycle manufacturers also had their technical problems in the past. Certainly the Italian motorcycle manufacturers who, time and again, simply put their accountants in the corner to invest at least 1000 in competitive sport for every 5000 lire earned. More

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    Norton Navigator (1960-1965)

    When you hear the name Norton you think of heavy, fast engines. Think of Manx, the '88' or the '99', Atlases and Commandos. Or to software. It depends on your age and interest. Hardly anyone calls out after hearing the name Norton, “Yes! A Norton Navigator! What a More

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    Original or not? A Domi 99

    The originality of our classics? We value that very much. After all, it is a matter of paying tribute to the past. Nostalgia too. And 'value'. Fortunately, 95+% of our classic motorcycles can be traced back to how the original was. Original or not? In addition, the enthusiasts of Harley-Davidsons and BMWs in the More

  • Norton Electra

    Norton Electra. "Can it be a little less?"

    Norton had always built heavy motorcycles. 500cc machines, 600cc machines. But in 1958 Norton released a 250 cc. That was actually a new engine in a mishmash of existing parts, but still. In 1960 the 250 cc Jubilee got a bigger brother: the 350 cc Navigator. Then Norton made More

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    BSA, 'More for men'

    And that 'More for men' is the battle cry under which RTL7 (or something) operates. But it wasn't just BSA that approached its target audience in this way. Sex sells And that was just as much wisdom as 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday'. But the essence of advertising is to arouse attention and greed. And More

  • Starter engine English Twin, Norton, BSA, Velocette

    Starting engines for classics

    That's a thing. Your Brit who kicked you to life with a hard kick on the kickstarter when you were XNUMX may be better than ever. Starter motors for classics Kickstarting and knee problems But now it starts a little less. Not because of the British. Comes through your knee. Currently coming More

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    Highlighted. Another few showpieces from the Duemila Ruote auction in Milan.

    This weekend, RM Sotheby's will auction an almost infinite number of (classic) motorcycles, cars, bicycles, automobilia and boats during the Duemila Ruote. The collection - once collected by the Italian Luigi Compiano - will be auctioned in Fiera Milano. The complete range will probably be sold. There is no reserve on any of the offered objects More

  • Farmers' barn Ter Aa

    The discovery

    Fred lives in a village somewhere along the A2. He's there "That guy with those motorcycles." The phone rang on a Saturday morning. At the door stood an old and a less old lady. Fred knows them. Mother and daughter. They live in the countryside. The mother ever has an attack More

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    A stolen Norton

    A stolen Norton. To conclude with a positive sound: the thief has an extremely good taste. The owner is waiting for your responses More

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