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  • Rover P5B Coupé
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    Rover P5B Coupé. Pioneer position

    Today, name a car within the exclusive 4-door coupé segment and the first thing that comes to mind is the Mercedes-Benz CLS, a BMW 6 Gran Coupé or the Audi A7. The niche market has been around for some time, to be precise from 1962, when the Rover P5B Coupé introduced. It may well be one of the most beautiful cars ever built. That is why we are pleased that Bart Spijker was happy to participate in a report. Because he has the Rover P5B Coupé. Right, the one with the famous and extremely strong Rover V8 engine. It was an impressive experience, accompanied by special stories. Read more

  • Robber 90 (1959)

    Rover 90 (1959)… the car of the notary

    The classic shapes and the exclusive appearance were the reason for a notary in Antwerp to purchase a new Rover 90. He had to be transported in style every day to impress. And thereby also indicate that money was not an issue. Wealth is a public spectacle that the eyes Read more

  • Rover 3500 V8 front

    Rover 3500 V8, British chic

    This Rover 3500 V8 (1972) in perfect condition has been polished and is always roadworthy, but 'sleeps' most of the time in Henk Dontje's garage. By: Dirk de Jong The stylish lines, the narrow front with lots of chrome, the double headlights and graceful grille make it a stylish automobile. Already almost 18 Read more

  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher and driving

    The late Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady who lifted Britain to solitary heights during her prime ministership, could not be counted as one of the best drivers. Automaker Austin-Rover launched an appealing publicity stunt by having her arrive at her London official residence - Number 800 Downing Street - in the latest Rover 10. after her Read more

  • Rover 800

    Rover 800

    Rover: The 1988'ers with trade-in guarantee Rover had a very difficult time. Just like the entire British car and motorcycle industry, which has been ravaged by poor management and strikes. But Rover plodded on to keep the ship afloat. The result was the SD1, a mature 5-door top model positioned below the Jaguars of the same company group. Read more

  • SD1

    The Rover SD1, the last (sle) Real Rover

    So the Rover SD1. Designed and made by Rover. Completely in-house. At the end of the British car empire. Within the Austin Rover Group, part of the once infamous British Leyland, a successor was needed to the Rover P6 and the Triumph 2000/2500. The SD (Special Division) 1 was whole Read more

  • car year 1968

    The 1968 car year: part 3 (slot)

    2018 is a year in which many illustrious car models celebrate their anniversaries. We look back on the car year 1968, in which various historic cars saw the light of day. We presented part one and part two of the triptych earlier this year. Today we show the third and last part with cars, which this year Abraham Read more

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    Rover and René. The love for a brand

    So robber. René Winters from Peize is the owner and manager of Dutch Rover Archives. He is a big fan of the Rover brand and since 1979 he has collected all kinds of information about the brand. The collection has since grown into an enormous archive with a lot of different information about Rover. Queen Victoria was already a Rover owner, just Read more

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    Range Rover

    What did evolution do to the species? Range Rovers are landmarks. At the beginning of their lives, they were in fact the first automobiles to combine uncompromising toughness with a kind of brutal elegance. They were full-fledged off-road vehicles for gentlemen of class. Enthusiasts know the original model as the Range Rover Classic, the second generation Read more

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