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    tinkering or 'tinkering'

    No matter how easy and cheap you can get (special) tools these days, sometimes you still have to improvise. We're a bit used to that here, but it's still done 'elsewhere'. That proved the way the Chang Jiang's front wheel was balanced. And that wasn't even easy. More

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    Ger and the art of Linkert Maintanance

    Ger Dijkshoorn belongs to the kind of men whose production has been discontinued for a while now. Ger is a genetic freebooter, a pure-bred technician and an absolute connoisseur when it comes to Harleys without electronics. And when the box with anecdotes opens, you imagine yourself in another world. More

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    Shopping 1.0 - column

    If you hear it twice in a month, then there must be some play. While it was fifty shades of gray outside, I asked Joost Woesthoff, the motorcyclist from just one village away, if he had noticed that the key season had started again. Not so. Joost said: “It is all going well. Everyone wants used, beautiful and good stuff as replacement material. But just tinkering and messing around? Only people like you still do that. ” I thought about what people like me would be ... More

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    Winter time, key time

    Okay, it's not winter yet, but summer has passed its peak. And that is the time to stop dreaming and what to do. In recent years, we have seen a trend that buyers of classics have the luxury to go for convenience. More

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    Tools and keys. Because it's bad weather

    It is that they fall into a deadly series of repetitions. And that I think Mike Brewer is a creep. But thanks to Wheeler Dealers I was made aware of the existence of Clecos and welding magnets. Tools are nice. Self tinkering too. When I was on the MTS, that beauty was not yet there And later […] More

  • Tinkering for beginners

    Tinkering for beginners

    But it is wise to tinker in a clean, well-lit environment Chaos never shows craftsmanship. Highest of genius. With some tools, rest, your good mind and the Internet you can go a long way. On YouTube there are a lot of videos about doing targeted Tinkering for beginners on countless types […] More

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    Handy tools and tinkering

    Tinkering is fun. There are even classic enthusiasts who enjoy tinkering more than driving with their pride and joy. To tinker you need a calm look, attentiveness and tools. You should never be in a hurry and you can gain experience simply by doing it. […] More

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    Tinkering. A passed station?

    tinkering. A passed station? It appears so. Or not? This came up during a visit to motorcycle demolition Woesthoff in Brummen where Joost Woesthoff, the man named after his company, was just packing a crankshaft for shipment to America. Two days before, the same thing happened […] More

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