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    BMW 518 E28. Modest and very beautiful Fünfer

    The five series from BMW. Often, and rightly so, it is associated with smooth running and powerful Reihen-Sechs engines. Especially when it comes to a 5-series from the pre-downsize era. Much less often they are associated with four-cylinder engines with a displacement of less than 2000 cc. Yet there was a BMW 518 on the program for years. Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG 1988

    Mercedes 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet AMG

    Getting a 1988 SEC with the Mercedes-Benz in 560 was privileged. He was assured of a powerful coupé from the higher echelons. But there is always boss above boss. Because the Belgian Carat Duchatelet took 200 of these coupés to an even higher level. We found one of the 200 copies: the 560 Mercedes-Benz 1988 SEC Duchatelet AMG.
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    Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from 1965 at Catawiki

    An Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from the first series and from Italy itself. How real can you have it? This slender Italian thoroughbred can be found on the Catawiki website. Take the train to Italy and come back with the Alfa. How beautiful can a relationship start with a new classic? How Read more

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    1900 Opel Rekord 1972 S Coupé auctioned at Catawiki

    At the moment, Catawiki is holding an auction for German oldtimers, among other things. And of course there is another special copy: an Opel Rekord D 1.9 Coupé - - from the first year of production of this generation and 110.000 kilometers on the odometer. What makes this car special is that it is a very early coupé from this generation of the Opel Rekord. This car was built during the early months of 1972. The first D models left the production line in December 1971. The first buyer of this Rekord ticked the most powerful 1.9 liter engine on the order form. That is the high compression engine with 97 DIN-HP, coupled to a manual gearbox with four gears. Read more

  • Mercedes Benz 280 SE W108

    Mercedes-Benz 280 SE (W108) in online auction at Catawiki

    Auction house Catawiki has been a name in the field of online auctions for many years in numerous categories. It also holds online classic car auctions on a weekly basis. One of the auctions of German classic cars is currently taking place. And within that, Catawiki offers fans of classic Mercedes-Benz models an interesting classic: a Mercedes-Benz 280 Read more

  • "The D Series was the last and ultimate development of the Black Shadow. However, manufacturing the engine turned out to be too expensive, so production only lasted 6 for months and Vincent decided to stop making engines in 1955 ''. Ultimately, only 144 of these ultimate Black Shadows were made. The engine in the auction is also completely factory original and that makes it even more valuable. The expected yield of the Vincent is between the 110.000 and 145.000 euros.

    Online auctions: What the fool gives it ...

    Online auctions: What the madman gives... Catawiki had it scaled between 110.000 and 145.000 euros. And we're talking about a 1955 Serie D Vincent Black Shadow. In excellent condition, that is. The motorcycle was registered by a motorcycle dealer from Osnabrück, not even very far from here. Read more

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