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  • Hardenberg motorcycle market

    Hardenberg motorcycle market: 5 October

    The motorcycle market in Hardenberg is world famous in the east of the country, but it attracts more and more people who make the quite long trip to Hardenberg from the far West. 'Hardenberg' is not a fair that is organized as a revenue model by an event agency, but is the XNUMX-year tradition of motorcycle club 'de More

  • MG

    MG Midget - The MG of the doctor

    In a village, things are even smaller than in the wild west of the Randstad. But here too, dentists and oral care collective buildings and GP posts are moving up. And five serious supermarkets plus two small Turkish idems for a population of 15.000? We know that too. My dentist has an old Harley En More

  • VW Beetle 1303

    VW Beetle 1303… Value and where the steering wheel is

    Classics are regularly offered with 'the steering wheel on the wrong side'. That steering wheel on the right was once pretty common. The splitting of the minds came later. The approach is that classics from countries that drive on the right have the steering wheel on the left. Only in myramar it is apparently different. Left drivers have it More

  • W201

    Mercedes Benz W201 / C-Class Club. Fun and professionalism

    During Star Cars & Coffee in Surhuisterveen, Pieter-Jan Kamstra of the Mercedes-Benz W201/C-Class Club Netherlands introduced us to Patrick Bouland, founder of the club. It doesn't just consist of a random collection of enthusiasts. The association, which has been active since 2018, takes things very seriously and is affiliated with the Mercedes-Benz Automobile Foundation More

  • Theft

    Theft and justice

    Visiting a client in the center of Antwerp? That's what you get the engine for. And my V7 was ready for a long ride. I rarely, if ever, lock my motorcycles. And if there's a rear-view mirror on it, I'll stick my helmet on that. I put More

  • To invest
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    Invest in classics

    Classics and investing? They usually don't fit in an old sock under the bed. But they are quite interesting from an investment point of view with the trend of current interest rates. Moreover, if interest rates become negative, there will be a shortage of old socks in this country. When it comes to that, be careful when opening More

  • Barn finds
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    Barn finds, investing and restoring

    In the Netherlands in Belgium, hundreds and hundreds of classics still have to be forgotten in sheds and under shelters. It has to be, because we alone encounter them by the dozen. The question is: should you be happy with such a barn find? You don't have to. It's allowed. Motorcycles that have been standing still for a long time usually snap there More

  • RDW

    RDW: Rules are rules

    After his retirement, a loyal AMK reader had the time to make his dream come true: He was going to restore a 2CV. That process started a few years ago, when old ducks changed hands for little. And it ended for the time being at the RDW. A Retirement Project The car our reader found was More

  • Diesel

    Diesel out the door

    Diesel is nowadays suspicious, even objectionable. The particulate matter from diesel engines is a threat to just about everything. No particle filter or shabby electronics will help with that. By reasoning clearly, administrators and the government have made this clear. We classic enthusiasts are also saddled with that realization. And soon we can't go anywhere, drive or be like More

  • E10

    Fill up E10 gasoline

    From October 1, most petrol stations in the Netherlands must offer gasoline with E10 (10% bioethanol). This has consequences especially for the owners of classics and young timers (both cars and motorbikes and scooters). Carelessly topping up the tank will soon no longer be there, because the combination of, in particular, the older motor vehicles and More

  • India

    India. Who travels far away ...

    … can tell many stories. And classic enthusiasts travel a bit. For the real die-hards among the classic motorcyclists, the information below comes like manna from heaven. Although: we don't know if Shiva, Brahma and Ganesha are also in the manna business. You have to pay for advertisements. After all, we also have to live. The visitors More

  • Army vehicles

    Army vehicles from after WWII

    Military vehicles and dangers in peacetime The celebrations for the end of the Second World War 75 years ago for us have been great. People were urged through the media not to go there because of the crazy crowds. The media should have done that to the Germans in 1940 More

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